Anybody out there who would like a little Suburbs in their life and works in Sydney CBD can buy Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs titles from Redeye Records at 143 York St,  Dada records in Perth will also soon be stocking Warner cds and of course they are available from my website and also from  Remember if you are in Sydney Saturday September 7 elect original Australian music by heading to The Bridge Hotel, Victoria Rd, Rozelle and copping this year’s hot Suburbs line-up with supports from Nicole Binet, Fuchsia and Martin Cilia.


  1. in june issue of record collector – bob dylan on the cover =well, on page 90 is a very generous album review of tony durants band ‘fuschia” well done tony & gang! of course a copy will be for sale for all the pundits @ a warner gig?
    also rememebered another song ” man of no significance” with lines like ‘where I walk I leave no fottprints, what I’ve done reqiries no measurement, – when your a man of no significance every word that you speak is tiring, you make your bed with sweet indifference, she leaves you childless & crying.. – remembered that this is with a driving rythmn section & a bit of screaming tormented guitar?

    enjoyed listening to correct planet all over again -hence the flash back to the above song…until caravan club then
    general Fritze

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