Hi any of you Suburban Soldiers still out there, I am planning a few gigs this year and would love to see you. Firstly on Friday May 31 at Petersham Bowling Club in Sydney I will be supporting Martin Cilia my friend and superb guitarist. Martin is launching his new surf CD prior to heading overseas for a tour in the US and Europe and as he has supported me in the past I thought it only fair to return the favour. It won’t be a full Suburbs line-up but Tony Durant will be there and Martin and Lloyd Gyi will add bass and guitar too. We’ll be doing about 5 songs before Martin launches into his stuff. Entry is only $10 and doors open 7.30 PM. Then on Saturday Aug 24 we will play Hotel Charles in Perth where we had that fabulous show last October – full show with Howie J back on drums and Phil Bailey bass. The following Saturday Aug 31 we play the Caravan Club in Oakleigh Melbourne, Greg Macainsh will play bass and Lloyd Gyi drums. As I did last year I will be playing some of the early Suburbs songs which were only ever available on the clear tapes – including the following which has now been added. Hopefully see you there – Oh and I will try and find a venue in Sydney that will have us for first weekend in September.


I come home what do I find?
My house is empty and my friends have all gone
All alone but I’m able to see
The path they took when they left without me
Married to the enemy
Married to the enemy

They say I need stock grain to sow,
The nomad has no place to go
Come and join us they say
Why do you behave in this way?
I can only look at them and tell them and beseech them and say
`Darling: Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know, Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know

Oh no, I remember now, bridges that we built
They burned them when they left
‘Cause the enemy said it was necessary.

Now they wave sometimes from opposite sides
And they cast their words to the wind
But their language has changed with the time
And I can only stand there and grin
I can only look at them and beseech them and say
`Darling: Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know, Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know. Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know, Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know. Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know, Lord I do not know what I feel, I only feel what I know.


  1. another hans fairhurst favorite, rattling around in my head, this is still a good song now! I recall that young hans would explain a lot of your songs to yours very truly as well us having some frank discourse whilst serious drinking @ the victoria hotel & the shenton park too, ha! 10cc wall street shuffle & the line can you spare a dime… & the coins raining down upon the stage…. ah – what about the broken glasses around the tables & us blokes protesting that jugs were going up to $3.50!
    awakening the monster of editic memory, & Im trying to forget!!!
    will really try to make sydney next weekend – general Fritze – tamworth

  2. Hey Dave, me and another Sydney Suburban Soldier are ecstatic that we happened to look at your Blog today. We will be there tomorrow night, in relation to a venue in Sydney for a full gig in September you should try Heathcote Hotel, in Sydney’s South, they have a lot of 70/80’s legends play there. Richard Clapton is doing a gig there on 16 June and in the following two weeks they have on Daryl Braithwaite and Moving Pictures. The Mentals with your mate Greedy have also played there. Craig

  3. “You hit the pub at nine,and you’re looking for a Root”…Oops – wrong Dave Warner! Very much looking forward to seeing you ät the Caravan Club, Simon

  4. loved the Gig at “The Carnival of Suburbia” This should be just as good if not better (no pressure).
    please can you do “The Night I F**ked Australia 2”

    Paul and Robbie.

    • I might be able to squeeze that in but I have got a pretty full set so let’s see how we go, glad you’ll be attending and I’m sure it will be as good or better than last year’s gig, different anyway with the full band and lots of songs from the arcane to the classic

  5. Great work Dave, yeah I will definitely be there with paul and maybe a couple of the young lads, might even put out a call to Zongo. good luck guys..

  6. Dave, absolutely sensational show on Saturday night – many thanks: as good a gig since the first some 34 years ago. Make sure you return soon – otherwise the boy from Bicton will be in for a hell of a fight!
    Cheers, Simon

    • Thanks so much Simon. It has been so much work to rehearse and get all the logistics together but it all becomes worthwhile with a sensational audience like that, your thoughts are truly appreciated

  7. Dave, as you know the Cronulla Boys/soldiers were there and loved the Show! From being overloaded in the car out the front before the show and two of us jumping out of the car 100 metres before the booze bus got us through to the very last song sensational. I should have purchased a Wraner shirt before I got pissed. Anyway please don’t make it 12 months before you play in Sydnet again, Regards Craig

    • Was great to have you there mate and you can always get a t-shirt off the web-site if you want one. not sure when the next gig might be or even if I will do one, it’s a lot of work and coordination – if I can find some way to double the numbers I’d do it for sure but really appreciate your great support.

  8. I was at a funeral for a mate yesterday and caught up with a bunch of mates I hadn`t seen in ages and one of them said he went to your show a while ago and was raving about it. I was one of the original Suburban Soldiers back in the late 70`s early 80`s and still have an original Generals badge. I would love to see you guys again but don’t know when you are touring. I live in Perth just down the road from the Charles Hotel. Do you have some sort of mailing list for future gigs.

    All the best mate
    RIP Johnny……….


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