Time is slowly ebbing away to support my new album by taking up one of the packages you’ll find on my website (  -packages that include your name as a credit on the CD only, to a stack of Warner merch and a credit. These funds will help me do a video or two and generally promote the album when it is ready early to mid-November. I am extremely grateful to those of you who have already jumped in – Peter Wilson, Chris Smith,Geoff Beitzel, Paul Dempsey, Dave and Leslie Zampatti, The Olivers, David Kelly,  Wayne Ashdown, Larry Stanbridge, Gerard Ahern and more.  I believe the album is as good as I’ve ever done with songs written back in 1976 and others just last year. Like my first album Mugs Game the songs span a variety of styles. There are personal and reflective slower numbers (think Oklahoma) pop-rock singles (think Suburban Boy) and there there’s  … well, that other stuff like Mugs Game itself where I try to get inside the head of some of the more ridiculous or contemptible pf our society. Which brings me to today’s album preview Snapchat. It shouldn’t amaze me, but it does, that some of the most mind blowing technology is in the hand of cave-men. “Hmm, what will I do with this amazing tool that can send pictures of anything around the world at the touch of a button. I KNOW! I’ll photograph my genitals!!!”  I have no doubt that when primitive man first discovered he could draw with charcoal, the first thing he drew was a picture of his phallus.

So here it is Snapchat, a modern Hot Crotch. It’s lewd and crude like the persona in the song.  Michael Doherty has done the most amazing artwork for this song which features original Suburb John Dennison on organ with a little bit of synth assistance from the multi-talented Jim Moginie and brilliant surf style guitar [email protected] Cilia. It won’t be to everybody’s taste and you’ll have to keep the kids away from this track but it’s only shining on a light on what is already part of everyday culture.


SNAPCHAT (Warner) Image Michael Doherty

Snapchat, Snapchat

I’m gonna send you a photo of my dick,

Like me it’s hard and it’s thick

It ain’t photo shopped it had to be cropped ‘cause I’m a guy that’s equipped –

I’m gonna send you a photo of my dick.

Please send me a pick of your clit,

Your junk, your rack or your slit,

If my dick fits your slit you and me could be it, send me a pick of your slit.

Snapchat, Snapchat

I need vicarious sex, ‘cause when it’s real I’m inclined to get sick,

I think it’s some witches hex, from sucking on some bitch’s tit,

So I’ll fire these pix of my prick, and pray that I get a hit.

I’m unpleasant, I’m a peasant, my room stinks of old pizza box.

I’m a pox, needs a fox and I ain’t got the courage, panache or finesse

To front you for real and then clinch the deal

So I send you some pix of my dick.

Snapchat, Snapchatsnpachatart

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