January 9, 2022 0

UK EUCHRED This song was track one on my fourth album This Is My Planet – which then became This Is Your Planet (a c.d. with extra tracks) and is now on Correct Planet, a […]


November 18, 2019 0

Twitter: @suburbanwarner Instagram: davew.author Website: www.davewarner.com.au Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dave-Warner-370719336278939/ Post: Anthem Pty Ltd, p.o. box 580, Balgowlah, NSW 2093 Hi there Suburban Soldiers, A Merry Aussie Christmas to you all. Thank you again for your continued […]

Nothing To Lose

June 7, 2019 1

Geoff Buttsworth has asked me to include the lyrics of Nothing To Lose which I am happy to do. A big thanks to John without whom I wouldn’t have the attached photo. John knew I […]

KEROUAC’S BACK – Surplus and Dearth

August 31, 2017 1

The late 80s early 90s was a disjointed time for me as I transitioned from being a full-time musician to a part-time one, trying my hand at other forms of writing and moving from my […]

SURPLUS AND DEARTH now a digital release

August 24, 2017 2

My only 1990s album Surplus and Dearth is now available @cdbaby and various other digital distributors. SEE A VIDEO OF BIG BAD SEXUAL DRIVE also on the album The album was recorded with Martin Cilia […]


July 29, 2017 1

Suburban Soldiers Hail to thee. October is a time for celebration. The augurs have been read, the pro-consuls and praetors have been selected: Gyi, Durant, Beare, Bailey.  Let the festivities of the word and rock […]

Where is WHEN?

March 23, 2017 0

Having been “out of the game” of recording albums for a long time it’s amazing the kind of things that you don’t take into account.  For example, while I made sure I had enough dollars […]