For those who attended the gig last night at the Caravan Club I would just like to offer my most sincere thanks for being such a fantastic audience, hanging till the last note, listening to old songs and new. I will try and remember you all for future party times – Andrew who caught our gig at Manly Flix back in 78 – one of our best ever, Dave Pepperell’s cardiologist, various sandgropers from the Shents days (especially Scarlett) , the Mathew Flinders crowd, Jim Withers, Tony Murtagh and the Yarra Valley FM crew, Denise O’Brien,  Kerrie Herman, Fritze the original general, Mark the paparazzo, the Mugs Game t-shirt boys – sorry on the way back to the motel I realized I should have offered you 1/2 price Sub Boy tees so you could change fresh! I also want to thank my musos Tony Durant and Bill Beare who were wonderful in Fuchsia to open the show, Greg Macainsh who always helps, Bill our sound man, Jane Lillas and Sarah, the gorgeous Mindi and finally Peter Foley who believes in the Suburbs so much he gives us a place to entertain our friends. Suburban Rock Suburban Rock Suburban Rock.  I’m a no one in my loungeroom but I’m sure I’d be a someone in New York.


  1. More importantly, thank you Dave for a fabulous show last night (and for the mention before ‘Half Time’!). Can’t believe it’s been 36 years since first being exposed to the ‘Suburbs’ at Melbourne Uni. Looking forward to your return in March!

    • I look forward to much footy banter this year Simon – do you think the AFL thought Swans would win GF and there would be a huge outcry over them buying Tippet and Buddy and therefore chose to get in early with their trading “ban’? That would make sense to me – then Swans got flogged by Hawks and it blew up in their face.

      • While I’m not sure that the AFL had an expectation that the Swannies would salute, I have no doubt that the ‘ban’ was a reaction to Buddy’s decision to reject GWS’s advances. The Club’s ‘lukewarm’ response however spoke volumes – an implied concession of the enormous benefits of the cost of living allowance?

  2. Thanks for a great show at the Caravan Club and for chatting on the Krome Plated Yabby Show. See you next time you are in Melbourne. All the best!

  3. thank you Dave, well it might have been before before the dave ellory article in the Perth paper & it might have been before the canturbury court ball buster both back in 1977, that general fritze heard the sounds of the suburbs but from those moments on, I was like every one else just taken aback that there was someone whom could articulate my feelings, thoughts & growth.
    even though the song ‘why don’t women like me?’ struck a chord, warner’s songs struck a nerve,& a long forgotten truth in usall back then, making me believe that “i’m me -I’m someone , I am worthwhile’ & for another night @ caravan club Oakleigh, 2014 I was transposed back, saying thank you, again Dave & to tony & bill who really did have their work cut out for them, but enjoyed themselves too.
    & yeah, looking forward to the monster being back in march, thanks so much.
    general fritze.

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