thanks for 2012

To all those who attended my gigs at the Carnival of Suburbia in Melbourne, The Charles Hotel and Clancy’s Fish Pub in WA and The Bridge Hotel in Sydney I wanted to offer my gratitude. Also to the many who supported me during the year buying cds or books or just passing on my creations to friends and family. For the first time in about 6 years I found I had a large gap with no screenwriting demands and this enabled me to plan the shows, rehearse and play. I was so fortunate to have great musicians playing with me, in particular Tony Durant and Martin Cilia who bore the brunt of the rehearsals. I was very keen to play a number of songs I really like but which haven’t been part of the staple Warner live diet for a long time. Songs like Around These Parts, Waiting for the Cyclone, Nothng to Lose, Surry Hills Boogaloo. Hot Crotch, Kookaburra Girl and others missed out but it felt fresh and alive on stage and I’ve always been disappointed that the demands of pub playing tended to shrink the breadth of the styles that encompass Suburban Rock. Those who caught the Oakleigh Bowling Club show saw the cut down version of Warner with just Tony and Greg Macainsh and it was pretty scary for us to be playing with minimal instruments and rehearsal but ultimately very rewarding. I love this small version where I can add performance poems and readings from the novels and I hope to do a lot more of this kind of thing in the future. Also a great support from Paul Madigan, fun to see him again. I looked into doing a season in Perth with this format but the venue costs (downstairs His Majesty’s) were prohibitive and in the end I decided to do a full band instead at a pub show. It was great to have Howie Johnstone back powering the kit and Phil Bailey playing bass. Phil played in the 1980 Rockaroo Bop ensemble of This is my Planet. To see nearly 700 suburban soldiers in full battle-cry was something else. Anyway, hopefully there will be many more gigs this year though I have some writing commitments early in the year for TV. I’m thinking that what I’ll do on my blog is post the lyrics of a Warner song each week or so, or maybe one of my articles from the past. Once again thank you all, hope you have a fabulous 2013 and I am part of it DW

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  1. Look forward to the band playing back home in the West this year. Big year for the Sharks so maybe a return to Shark Park for a gig could be the go. Contact Adam Kelly ,Sharks CEO if it is possible.

    • will let you know if I’m heading back. Once again the WAFL or Football Comission cripples East Fremantle by taking our own juniors and giving them to parasite clubs East perth and Peel. I would not object to the Sharks refusing to play these two clubsand think the G7 clubs should unite against this Nazi style approach.

    • Would love to do one in the latter half of 2013. it’s hard to get the word out there – I tried to let everybody know whose email address I had but the Sydney Morning Herald never even included us in their sissy gig-guide. No sense of rock history – not real rock history – they are all revisionists believing what some Sydney ignorant journo once wrote as actually being true.

  2. I’m thinking that what I’ll do on my blog is post the lyrics of a Warner song each week or so, or maybe one of my articles from the past.

    what a good idea it would promt memories from me & stop the onset of alzimers, bother, I forgot how to spell it! must be early onset…. what about lepoard coming up with the line warner is innocent I swear & you making the badges of it, sheer marketing genius, as you had to go to court of that ‘obscene word” not guilty m’lud….

    so yes do that – I ready to grow young again….

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