The Bon Scott Celebration Concert

What a fantastic celebration the Bon Scott concert turned out to be. Around 12,000 people braved the vicious Perth heat to come hear some sledgehammer rock from the likes of Angry Anderson, The Angels, Alan Lancaster, The Volcanics and of course myself, ably abetted by The Suburbs: Tony Durant and Howie Johnstone from the original recording band plus Martin Cilia, Howard Shawcross and Gandharva.

These days it’s hard to say many things bring a smile to the face but the sight of mums, dads and kids in their matching Bon Scott or AC/DC T-shirts certainly made me feel good. I felt proud to be a part of the concert and proud to be part of rock and roll. I met up with many Suburbs fans there, regulars like Kate and Keith, Jerry and Eli but also made some new mates. One group of fans had come all the way from Newman – some 1200km for the gig. I reckon that very few of the people in the crowd had ever heard my music and many had probably never even heard of me, but the crowd gave us a fantastic reception and made it easy on us as we rocked through the likes of Convict Streak, African Summer and Suburban Boy.

It was about 40 degrees in the direct sun and I was fortunate the bloke on the water gun was up front of the stage so I could get a hit. Organisers Buz Bidstrup and Marcus Ahern can take a bow. The show ran smoothly, even ahead of time, and for us old rockers it was a fabulous opportunity to get back and celebrate. One of the highlights was the sponsors’ dinner on the Friday night. We watched an inspired set from Dave Tice and former AC/DC bass player Mark Evans before doing our own set and then catching The Party Boys play some full on rock. Personally it was a great thrill to meet the likes of Alan Lancaster of the original Status Quo and to see Kevin Borich playing as good or even better than ever, after coming back from a serious illness.

On the Saturday The Screaming Jets were supersonic and though The Angels missed the dynamics of Doc Neeson, they were as rock solid as ever as they powered their way through a set of some of the greatest Australian rock songs ever written. Dave Evans, the original AC/DC frontman, flew in from Vegas to join the Party Boys on stage in some classic AC/DC. Particularly gratifying to me was being able to witness some great WA local acts kick arse on the big stage. The Flairz and Kill Devil Hills were terrific. I’m a fan. I wish you were all there. And for those of you who weren’t, there are some photos below that were taken at the Friday night sponsors’ dinner.


Dave Warner
Suburban Messiah

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BON SCOTT GIG:: February 25, 2007
Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs play their first gig without the late Johnny Leopard at the Bon Scott Celebration Concer, Claremont Showgrounds, Perth Western Australia on Sunday February 25.
Dave will go onstage at 4.45pm for a set of approximately 30 minutes. The band is made up of Howie Johnstone (drums) Tony Durant (guitar) Howard Shawcross (bass) Martin Cilia (guitar) and Phil Bailey (keys) Howie Johnstone played on the Mugs Game, Free Kicks and Correct Weight albums with Dave and Tony Durant. Johnstone and Bailey also played on This Is My Planet and Martin Cilia recorded Surplus and Dearth and a number of other tracks with Dave. Howard Shawcross has toured many times with Dave and among his many bands have been The Elks and Last Chance Café. Other bands on the lineup include The Angels (minus Doc) Rose Tattoo and The Party Boys. Kevin Borich will be appearing with The Party Boys. For more details visit the official website.


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