THE KING AND ME –   CD now available

Written by “The Suburban Boy” Dave Warner, The King and Me is a musical comedy which had its debut season at Perth Fringe 2015. The show which contains nine original songs written by Dave and Martin Cilia (Atlantics) was a smash hit, selling out every seat of every performance.

The history of the CD is a tale in itself as it comprises songs recorded from as early as 1992 to as recent as July 2015. When the show was originally written the idea was to use Elvis Presley songs but later Dave decided to use his own material. He had a number of songs in a country-rockabilly style, some already recorded with such fine musicians as the late Chris Bailey (The Angels, Gangajang), Mal Green (Split Enz), Ian Simpson (Slim Dusty) and Martin Cilia (Atlantics, Mental as Anything) and produced by Greg Macainsh (Skyhooks) and Martin. Dave and Martin were able to marry this existing material with a number of new songs written specifically for The King and Me.

The female vocals are supplied by Dave’s wife Nicole Binet who has worked on a number of projects with Dave and Martin. Dave’s regular drummer Lloyd Gyi (Perry Keayes band) played on the 2015 tracks. Backing vocals come from some former doyens of the Perth pub scene, Dick Haynes (Loaded Dice) and Bill Beare (The Fingerprints) along with Dave’s musical associate of forty years, Tony Durant (Fuchsia, Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs).

The cd features a variety of songs from the Elvis-eque   title track to the tongue-twisting Rude Crude Home Brewed Spit Tobacco and Chew Boys and the moving ballad Twinkling of an Eye. The CD represents the songs in full whereas in the stage show some of the songs are edited or sung by different characters.

The King and Me is a feel good musical about artistic persistence in the face of difficulties. In its own way, the CD, spread out over twenty-five years is a living expression of that theme too.kingmecdcover.jpeg


  1. well what a life saver this is!, sick of xmas repackaged greatest hits cd’s by you know who’s , tired of box sets of tv shows we never got around to watching anyway & had enough of books that was never going to be read either, -now this! a original gift idea- that just by listening to will have a smile on the dial, the gray matter working, the foot tapping & if played loud & often enough, might have the neighbors ire up! – have ordered 6 copies & a Warner in the wild DVD too. Transferring $ for-with.
    ….& have yourself a happy Christmas & a pro$perou$ 2016 too, even – General Fritze

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