The Murder In The — series featuring rock-muso Lizard Zirk has a new life.

Thanks to some welcome elastic thinking by those involved in the Untapped project, a bunch of Australian novels have been resurrected from book limbo and given vitality once more. Among these fortunate titles are three of my books `Murder in the Groove’, ‘Murder in the Frame’ and ‘Murder in the Off-Season’.

The Untapped project sought to see if there would be a demand for out-of-print works if again available. Starting with libraries and then expanding to Amazon Kindle the books have indeed found an audience. My series of books featuring amateur-sleuth Andrew 'The Lizard' Zirk a prematurely retired rock-star came out in the early 2000s. Sherlock Holmes played the violin, for Zirk it’s a Stratocaster. Sherlock had Watson as his sidekick, Zirk has his chauffeur Fleur.

Not quite cosy crime the books are nonetheless relatively light, intended as a breezy read for those who like the clue-puzzle style of Agatha Christie, or the humour of screen pairings of male and female like `The Thin Man’ or ‘Hart to Hart.’ They are a long way away from my more hard-boiled books like ‘City of Light’ and ‘Big Bad Blood.’ However, in the years since they were written there has been a huge upsurge in interest in crime fiction of all genres, and these easy reads seem to be hitting the mark.

There is talk that they may even be out again soon in print but in the meantime you can pick up an e-book or (if in Australia) request them at the most wonderful of institutions, your local library.

Murder in the Groove e-book , Murder in the Frame e-book Murder in the Off-Season

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