A month ago I sold my very last hard copy of my first novel City of Light which featured detective Snowy Lane. The good news is that next June it will be published for the first time as an e-book by Fremantle Press – regrettably no plans for a hard copy reissue yet.   The publication will coincide with my brand new crime novel Before It Breaks which will be available in both formats.  Anyway, I had to re-proof the digital copy of City of Light and must say I really enjoyed reading my old work again. That’s rare for me, usually I feel icky and embarrassed at re-listening to old tracks or re-reading old pieces. I also found myself chuckling at some of Snowy’s colourful similes and thought I would re-share with you. By the way while I have no more City of Lights to hawk, I do have a few Lizard Zirks, some Big Bad Bloods and Exxxpressos – they would make a fine Christmas present for the discerning reader. For that matter, so would an I’m A Suburban Boy or It’s A Mug’s Game T-shirt. If you are interested go to my website or my Tictail shop.


“Empty as an alcoholic’s aftershave.”

“Carollini’s desk might have come as a bonus with a set of encyclopedia.”

“It grabbed at me like a divorcee at a convention”

“ More anxious than a favourite on Brownlow night”

“The investigation hung like a champion dancer waiting to cut in”

“The waiter had barely fluttered his wings and she had pinned him to the wall with her order for G&T”

“The inside of my mouth had turned into a Persian cat.”

“The conversation was moving about as quickly as European agricultural reform.”

“Theories darted at you like angel fish”

“Sense was returning to me, hesitantly, like some villager to his home after a natural disaster.”

“Surprised me less than strikes at Christmas.”

“His hair was thinner than a racist’s reasons.”

“Hidden away like kids’ toys at a dinner party”

“Her glasses dominating her face like an umpire in Little League”

“Her hair looked like it had been broken off a statue at the foot of the Spanish Steps and glued to her head”

“Weak as a third cup from a no frills tea bag”

“Trickier than getting a hook out of a river cobbler”




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