Update: October 2008

Thank you to the numerous fans who contacted me after hearing Suburban Boy on Channel 7’s Packed To The Rafters. Some of you didn’t realise that I also wrote that episode. In fact, I’ve been involved on the show from a pretty early time, well before it commenced production. The show was created by Bevan Lee, Anthony Ellis and Jo Porter and I was fortunate to be invited to join them, to plan much of the original series arc with the gorgeous and highly-talented JJJ broadcaster and writer Marieke Hardy. We buttered up again to help plan the second series, too. I’m now in the process of writing my third episode for this show which so many Australians identify with. Although I was pleased to see Suburban Boy get an outing on the show, it wasn’t my suggestion. That came from the producers who thought the song would be perfect for the very suburban Dave Rafter. Anyway, thank you all again for contacting me and I hope you keep watching.


As you know, I re-released Mugs Game this year to mark its 30th anniversary and many of you have bought a copy which features a whole lot of original demos from the 1970s that show genesis of the concept of “suburban rock”. I hope you are enjoying the time trip back to days before the internet, mobile phones and even VCRs.

Book-wise, I’ve been working on the 3rd of my children’s books in the Charlotte and the Starlet series and I’ve also been busy with a number of feature films which are at various stages of development. Unfortunately it’s a tough world for feature film at the moment and I can only keep my fingers crossed that they see the light of day. It’s very frustrating when you see films you’ve been working on for maybe 10 years have their idea, or similar ideas, finally seized upon by Hollywood and made into huge hits, but that’s the lot of Australian writers.

Take care you suburbanites and draw comfort that 30 years after Mugs Game the world has caught on, and now from Howard Arkley to Dave Rafter it’s very cool to be a child of laminex and lino.


New Year’s Eve has been and gone, and it was a very fine time for those who attended the Mulberry on Swan gig. Following red-hot sets from The Stems and the Hoodoo Gurus we took the stage and clubbed out an hour’s worth of classic Warner. My personal highlight was Mug’s Game, where Derek and Sandra found themselves at a Pakistan political rally with free front-row tickets and complimentary bulky ceremonial vests which begn ticking loudly as an unnamed political leader approached … what happened next? Well, you should have paid your money and come along to Mulberry to find out. And a very special hello to Kate and Brian Ingram, two of my most loyal fans who were there on the night.

Speaking of Mug’s Game, the gig marked the first sales of the special 30th anniversary edition of the Mug’s Game album, which has been reissued as a double CD with 14 new bonus tracks. Make sure you get your copy before they run out.

On the film front, Brace (formerly Dirty Girls) will begin shooting in Perth in March. This has been a long labour of love but this low-budget indy project about teenage twin girls and their dysfunctional relationship promises to be my most satisfying foray into the medium.
NB: We are still looking for investors to boost our budget and make the film as cinematic as possible. Email me for details.

To television, where I have been working on a second series for Canal Road — yet to debut on Channel 9. I have no idea when we will see it on our screens, but I think you will find it different to the usual Australian TV drama. I have also written for Packed to the Rafters (Channel 7), a terrific drama/comedy wth great humanity and funny as well. Here’s an exclusive tip: my episode features Suburban Boy in the soundtrack. We will let you know when both shows will be going to air.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do my next adult novel, but I have been working assiduously through one, mapping and plotting. Owing to the runaway success of my first effort in children’s literature, Charlotte and the Starlet, I am currently finishing off the second adventure of cute outback girl Charlotte and sassy Hollywood horse Leila. Titled A Friend in Need, this adventure sees the girls separated with Leila sold to a carnival and Charlotte forced to endure the rigours of a deportment academy. They reunite moments before Leila is about to cop the chainsaw from some ruthless illegal loggers.

Well that’s me. As for you, I hope you all have a fabulous and enjoyable 2008.


PS: I will be speaking at the Elizabeth Jolley Forum at Perth’s Curtin University on February 8, starting at 6pm. I hope some of you can make it along.

Yes, finally we can announce THE NEW MUG’S GAME CD is here. The double CD includes the original 1978 MUG’S GAME album plus a second bonus CD of 14 early recordings by Dave Warner. Most of these are demos which Dave recorded in London in 1976. Tony Durant, who came out to join the Suburbs in Australia, plays on many of these tracks. They also include the Bicton Records release of Summer 78/Australian Heat which Dave recorded in Perth with the original Suburbs line-up prior to Tony’s arrival.

Tracks on the bonus demo CD include Bicton Breezes, Divine Service, Ulysses and These Parts which were all part of the early Suburbs repertoire played at venues like Alberts Tavern and the Civic Hotel. At $29 the double CD is fabulous value. The good news doesn’t end there. To mark the release of Mug’s Game, the price on Free Kicks, This is Your Planet and Surplus & Dearth has been reduced to a low $17 each including postage.

And as for gigs, stand by Perth fans. Dave and the Suburbs will be playing New Year’s Eve at Mulberry on Swan in support of Hoodoo Gurus. Tickets from Mulberry on Swan. More information is available at On The Swan. ________________________________________________________________

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