Update on “when” for WHEN

All those who have supported this album by either pre-ordering or performing, or working behind the scenes, thank you for your patience. It has been a long haul but last night the master recording was delivered for production. Whether the album will actually be ready before Christmas isn’t guaranteed, and once we take delivery we still need to get it out to you – the way Australia Post is these days we might have to do that by bicycle: it would be a damn sight quicker.  Rest assured though, I haven’t forgotten you and I’ll get your orders to you as soon as possible. We have also been working on video clips under the guidance of the very skilled and generous Mark Gould and have shot clips for Snapchat and I’m on Facebook (But Where’s my Friends?)  These are yet to be edited but expect to see them in the New Year.  I must thank again Mandy Hall at Mandy Hall Media for a sterling effort putting together the artwork for the album which I’m sure you will enjoy. There are images for each song, lyrics, and liner notes.

WHEN is not “just another album” for me. I don’t bother releasing recordings unless I feel I have something worthwhile to say, and it can be performed in an exciting manner, so I hope it delivers to you what I intend. To have worked with old friends and Suburbs, plus music legends like Kevin Borich and Mentals, Oils, Weddings and Hooks members has been an honour and thrill. Their input gives the album great breadth and depth and, dare I say it, a powerful and pervasive pulse of Australia running deep within the grooves … well okay, albums don’t have grooves these days but you get the idea.

You will be notified on this blog and my website when the albums have been sent. In the meantime the fabulous WHEN t-shirts, full colour and printed both sides,  are now available.   And I wasn’t joking about Australia Post, it is  deplorable nowadays and packages I have sent have never been delivered so please notify me if your order does not arrive.


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  1. Dave, just received the 3 when T shirts, way better quality than the Bicton records t shirts from 1977, but they lasted a long time through many gig too, good heavy weight cotton & quality prints, great value, a fashion statement! & worth framing! nah, nah, just sayin’ -& thank you for personally addressing correct planet, free kicks & suburbs in the 70’s for my son (Vincent) I was a bit nostalgic when i read it there, thanks again …. I’ve waited for the cyclone (it wasn’t really much fun), now I’m waiting for When.

  2. oh & wait! just going through the packaging & found your personally addressed Bicton Records single “this is going in the poolroom….” it’s the little things that that count, ha! who needs ‘Facebook’ –

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