Mark Purvis who was at the Caravan Club took some video of the show and has uploaded one of my favourite compositions John Arlott Makes Me Chuckle and also my mock-heroic poem Australia 11.   There’s a couple of stumbles in Australia 2 but as I’ve been asked many times if there’s a copy I’m happy to direct you all there with a promise I’ll get it right next time. And please enjoy my homage to the great John Arlott with guitar and vocal splendour from Tony Durant and Bill Beare.  At the moment I am booked to do this small show version at the Django Bar (Camelot Lounge) in Marrickville Thursday March 12 and hope to see a few Sydney fans and friends there.

“Australia 2′

and “John Arlott Makes Me Chuckle”



  1. It occurs to me that the line”… been a someone in New York” is rather insightful. Yes Dave, rather than farting round with Fowley you should have been spruiking your life as a sitcom to NBC. Really, it’s no stretch to imagine you as the lead in “Warner”.

    You have a balding, somewhat negative school chum who helps you pitch an idea about an “album about nothing”. A tall lanky, zany manager who has a million ideas (none of which ever come to fruition). A sassy, platonic ex-girlfriend who enjoys a good drop-in. And a vast array of eccentric music industry extras who make sporadic visits to your apartment in search of employment.

    You’d be an expat into improv who gets a new girl and situation every week. You’d talk to her about your obsession with the Phantom and then find some flaw in her appearance or character so that you could lose her. You’d be a good Catholic boy beset by the temptations and opportunities of the Big Apple. Work at night in a club making observational humour from the material of your own suburban life. Then, during the day, talk the hours away musing on football and pop culture.

    It sounds a simple life but it would make prime time. Maybe even syndication. Imagine the royalties from the song excerpts. I’m sure you’d make more than a small to average profit (and not have to change the lyrics to the songs).

    Dave M.

  2. Hey Dave, love that song and the quirky references “I’m a Jouno into Pernod, I vote Labor” Brilliant! Me & the Cronulla boys will be at your Marrickville gig! Cheers Craig W

  3. General Fritze here thought it was “Jurno into porno, I vote labor” as a Beaujolais drinker, you get that! If that is the dave Martin I used to hang out with, seems he hasn’t lost the wit, & with my entrepreneurial skills divided three ways we’ll make a fortune, t shirts , badges, comics , today BIcton -tomorrow the world! …..(sorry it’s the German in me)……

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