This song written in 1976 about growing up in Fremantle, recently recorded on soon to be out on HIDDEN TREASURES 40 YEARS of FREO MUSIC and on my new Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs album which is nearing completion.  Thanks to Martin Cilia, Lloyd Gyi, Mick Thomas and Wally who played on it.


The old park the old park

Night’s soft light an occasional fight

‘Cross the road in the bar of His Majesty’s

To the tune of the Scotland yard serial


Mute wharf you silent wharf,

I dwarfed by exotic ships dwarfed

And the two shilling ride for the ferry trip

And the thrill of just touching the ship


Childhood memories come racing back

How we played by the wagons at the railway track

And yet never entertained a thought of dying


Brass bands and Scots band brigade

Firemen all ablaze in their braid

And the feast of Our Lady of Fatima

And the once a year blessing of the fleet


Childhood memories come racing back

Drunks in cold wagons by the railway track

As I look to the sea, Scots band and the fife

And I contemplate taking my life.

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  1. brought a quietness to me when I read the lyrics with the tune running through my head, how about “easter time” – I ate the easter egg I got for you, it was the only egg I had, & oh darling et al, not forgetting “cleos monthly pet” as well as “bicton breezes” demo & album version be great for you to put them up as well, I will put $30 in your account for the new album. General Fritze

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