Warner Auctions Book Dedication For Children’s Charity

WarnerDaveCATSAuthor Dave Warner is auctioning the dedication to the third book in his popular Charlotte and the Starlet series and donating the proceeds to Bear Cottage, NSW’s only children’s hospice located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The highest bidder will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dedicate this fun children’s book to someone special.

Dave says: ‘In my books, I try to transport kids to a fun and enjoyable place for the duration of the book, but that is so little compared to what is needed for these courageous kids in the real world. It occurred to me that one thing I could do to make a real difference for the kids and the amazing volunteers at Bear Cottage was to raise some money for them. A book dedication does not break or fade, it is there for all time. I thought maybe there is someone out there who is so grateful for being able to share their life with a person they love that they will buy this dedication and at the same time help those at Bear Cottage. Even five hundred dollars can help these kids. Perhaps there is a parent who will gain some pleasure from knowing that even in fifty years’, time their child can look back on this dedication and remember how much their mum or dad loved them, and how that love made a better world for those kids less fortunate.’

The auction went live this morning and runs until 10am Monday 23 February 2009. The book will be in stores on 1 May 2009. The dedication must be less than 25 words and must be suitable for inclusion in a children’s book. The online auction has been fully endorsed by Bear Cottage and the book publishers, Random House. 

Dave would love to raise the profile of this auction in order to raise more money for Bear Cottage. To organise an interview please contact:
Yae Morton
Children’s Book Publicist
Random House Australia
Phone: 02 8923 9803
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0409 888 866

About the book
Charlotte and the Starlet is a hilarious series of books starring a determined teenage girl from outback Australia and a Hollywood diva who happens to be a talking horse. Perfect for girls 8 – 12 years old who love horses. When Thornton Downs academy is sued, there is only one solution: Leila must return to her beloved Hollywood and make a movie to save the academy. But Hollywood has its own problems – snobby stars, rival film-makers, disgruntled employees, and the lure of glamorous parties to tempt Leila. Who has kidnapped Sarah-Jane, and why? Charlotte, Todd, Leila and Ms Strudworth have to find out before the film is cancelled and the academy is shut down.
ISBN: 9781741663075
Publisher: Random House Australia
RRP: $15.95
Publication Date: 1 May 2009

Find out more about the Charlotte and the Starlet books at Random House and charlotteandthestarlet.com Find out more about Bear Cottage at bearcottage.chw.edu.au

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