Rather than continue song by song through the Caravan Club set I thought I’d do something a bit different and offer you the set via a 20 question quiz.  Each song is one we’ll be doing Friday week. Answers below

1 `Then I spewed my self disgust up at the finish of the dust up with the train conductor wearing stripes and strands of minestrone in his moustache.’

2 `I’m a no one in my loungeroom but I’m sure I’d be a someone in New York.’

3 `Bjorn Borg and Vitas Gerulaitis don’t come down with serum hepatitis.’

4 `I’m a Colonel Sanders Chicken mauler as well as a Falcon staller’

5 `He swung that guitar lethal like a Gattling gun, he played the music with his soul, gave the kiss to rock and roll, took the blues and holler and he make it fun.’

6 `Broadway’s pumping like a heart at the end of a marathon.’

7 `He saw the semi-trailer just before he karked.’

8 `That’s the final straw he said, give someone else your maidenhead. She laughed “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

9 `I know what it’s like to be rejected every night’

10 `There was a bit of blood right across the bumper I wiped it down with my Christmas jumper.’

11. `She was a woman of the next millennium but still she drowned in her own condominium’

12 `Who am I to think that ever I could come to something more than this?’

13. `But I wouldn’t trade him for the world and he loves me more than any girl’

14. `Come to Perth where we’ve got the Edgleys and two pedestrian malls’

15. `I drained another pastis, searched in vain for an accomplice.’

16. `I like my beer after work and my four on the floor.’

17.`Our fathers put the desert into desert rats’

18.`We’re the smile on Maggie May the chalk marks where John Lennon lay’.

19.`Maybe I’m stuck in a bad run of luck.’

20.`They’re in love with the sound of their own voice, swamped by a wave of intrigue.’




  1. China Town.
  2. John Arlott Makes Me Chuckle.
  3. Wimbledon
  4. Lonely Bar Room Crawler
  5. The King and Me.
  6. Bicton v Brooklyn.
  7. Car Park
  8. Nothing to Lose
  9. Suburban Boy
  10. Strange Night
  11. Woman Who Drowned in her Own Apartment
  12. These Parts
  13. Silver
  14. Phantom
  15. Million Miles From Home
  16. Suburban Rock
  17. Convict Streak
  18. Old Guitars.
  19. Barcelona
  20. Girls Wank.

10 Comments on WARNER LYRIC QUIZ

  1. Great set list Dave but what about, The stink of lawyers’ dope that’s hidden in the floor. See you on the 28th, Will you be back at the Caravan Club in March? Cheers Kev

  2. My two teenage boys like the lines “they talk about equality but the girls don’t talk to me”. As well as “I hate it when girls tell me how hard done by they are, show me one little lady that can’t get laid” me? Every song is genius I’ll be there Hoping to hear vingettes. General Fritze

    • Can’t believe the boys are that old – don’t think I can get Vignettes though I’d love to but Bill and Tony are struggling as it is to get through so much stuff – a new song or two by the way

  3. Re-reading your blog with the mention of Tim minchen, he wrote a poem called “storm”. Got the grey matter working about the genius of your song “guess who’s coming to dinner” Still brought a smile to,the dial , it seems like a standard complaint trying not to,upset the poms, ha,! Unless it comes to the cricket. Oh yeah what time finish on Friday week. General Fritze

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