We Care

What an amazing effort from all concerned with the #We Care concert last night. Take a bow Darren Reid and all the incredible people who volunteered time and services. It would have been wonderful to have had a few thousand more to see the superb venue and talent on display but those there generated a feeling of camaraderie reminiscent of Sydney Olympics in 2000. Personally I would like to thank @Greedy Smith and @Mental As Anything. After Greedy and James Gillard joined us on stage to help out with a Suburbs song or two they treated us all to classic Mentals. What a terrific lineup these days allowing Martin Plaza and Greedy full reign for those unique, original songs. Angry Anderson was brilliant with classic rock, (you’re right Angry We can’t be beaten) Dave Gleason, Dean Denton and The Frames, Eskimo Joe all so strong and generous with their time. The bands on the other stages were fantastic, brazing scorching conditions. I caught a little bit of a band The Renegades with kick arse country later in the evening when the shadows had set in, top set. What most of us didn’t know was that the venue itself was terrific with a nice shaded grass area from early afternoon, bars, ample parking etc. I can see Gloucester Park becoming a premier venue for big bands to play.  Thanks also to #Perth Hyatt for courteous efficient staff and especially to every single person who bought a ticket and came to support the artists. The bottom photo shows @Tony Durant and Greedy after a punt on a phantom match race between Red Vicar and Mount Eden while Phil Bailey complains that his horse was hemmed in by unfair tactics.


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