We Need A Little Faith Hope and Charity

2020 has been an awful year. While the shadow of Covid has covered the year in darkness it’s not been the only blight. I think of Sydney at the time of the 2000 Olympics and how wonderful the city was, how welcoming, how festive, and though we all knew that high-gloss couldn’t last forever, I’m sure we all wished it would linger. By the next September however the twin towers were in rubble and so were those hopes.

A year or so ago I began writing a bunch of short-stories, just ideas that occurred to me. Most were crime based but not all. Some I hope are humorous. One, Charity, is more spiritual – a big departure from my normal style. An idea popped into my head. What would happen if somebody today found they could miraculously heal the sick? How would their lives be affected? Would they be hailed as hero or charlatan? And what if this power came at a personal toll? It seemed to me a terrific ethical dilemma and therefore worth a story. But no sooner had I written it than Covid hit, and my whimsy began to play out in real life as front-line health workers were faced with virtually an identical dilemma.

short story approx 30 min available on Kindle and soon an audiobook

If you are a fan of my crime-writing you might not find this to your taste and maybe Cabin Pressure, Artpresso and Dead Cert will be more up your alley. They are all available as audio-book short-stories and Cabin Pressure is also on Kindle as an e-book short story. The others will be shortly available on Kindle too but you can get all three via various audio-book distributors.

If you do like the idea of a Christmas story that focuses on humanity and saintliness, that looks at how a plague might show our most noble and selfless qualities, not just our worst, then you might want to give Charity a go. It will cost you less than the price of a cup of coffee. Find it here

Or if you want a quick read while you await the dentist or the kids finishing squad you can get Cabin Pressure on Kindle

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And my latest novel OVER MY DEAD BODY is also out as an audiobook on audible

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