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Hi world, I’ve finally found my way through the labyrinth of the electronic back-streets to the super highway of blogging.

I figure I need a forum to explain that this Dave Warner is not the exciting, chunky cricketer of the IPL but the one from the suburbs of Perth who played many thousands of gigs through the 70s and 80s. Hopefully I’ll find some people out there who share the same outrage as me over the disgraceful umpiring handed out to the Fremantle Dockers whenever they venture east. Don’t get me wrong, The Dockers are inept in lots of ways but fair is fair and I’m sick of the gutless home town umpiring that we see week after week in the AFL.

I look forward to sharing some messianic insights on the state of the suburban world – bye for now

Dave Warner from the Suburbs

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  1. Dave,
    Greetings from the Melbourne ‘burbs from a “General”. It’s scary to think that I’m the first to respond to your blog but scarier to think that it’s been 31 years since I stumbled into the Lounge at a Melbourne Uni Union Night to hear this amazing band from Perth. I was instantly hooked! From returning a few weeks later to be part of the audience for the taping of the live material used on “Mug’s Game” right through to your comeback gig at the Continental in Prahran on a forgotten date in the mid 1990’s, I was privileged to see dozens of shows not only in Melbourne but many in Perth during summer holidays in 1979 and 1980, including having a few coldies with you and the band at Hernando’s after a couple of gigs – I think The Elks were playing both times. “Suburbs in the 70’s” “Mug’s Game” and “Free Kicks” are all on high rotation on the iPod making the commute to work in “cattle class” bearable. I’m having great delight in educating my children about the lives and times of Zongo, Robert and Derrick and in this year of the retention of the Ashes explaining to them that “the Poms are weak as piss…” Thanks for many many years of enjoyment. Rest assured I keep checking your webpage and gig guides in the hope of having another opportunity of a night of “Suburban Rock” in Melbourne. Finally, I am reminded that on the “Free Kicks” album you have attributed a different type of “free kick” to each band member- clearly this preoccupation with umpiring requires some form of therapy given your belief that the “Shockers” are subject to “disgraceful umpiring” when travelling east. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the reason they lose is that they’re crap! Take care, Simon

  2. Dave,

    Your music changed my life. Your music will always be the best out of Perth if not the world.

    Thanks, Rosco Nielsen.

  3. I thought that that everyone already knew who Warner was, apart from a renassise man he is known in my house through word of mouth, the worn records, the sick of playing, but we still do, mugs game – it the way of keeping history alive.
    & the boy in stripped pajamas is howie johnstne right not some movie child?
    hmm, might have to get the dvd to really show my children & friends how it really was – as the stories get bigger & better with every telling? any one else know the feeling?
    general fritze.

    • Hi Rosco, yes could be a chance later in the year. The main problem is the time it takes to rehearse up the band when not playing regularly there are a couple of possibilities, maybe even with The Mentals which would be great. We played with them back in the late 70s a lot and the gigs always went well with similar fans for both bands

  4. Dave,

    Your blog is working… great.

    If you do play Perth later in the year can you please give us all some time. I now work in Karratha so I can’t just turn up . Trust me I will be there….

    All the best.


  5. Dave,

    I trust you’re well.

    Sorry that the Illegals and the Shockers were umpired out of the finals!

    How are plans progressing for your return to Melbourne later this year?



  6. Dave
    We’d love to see you Kangaroo Hopping in a Melbourne Suburban CarPark soon.
    Me and the Kookaburra Girl are hoping that the Monsters Back!

    Waiting for the Cyclone ..Paul

  7. Dave,
    October and November have long gone…when are we going to see you in Melbourne?

    Have a great Christmes and all the very best for 2010!


    • Hi Simon thank you for your posts which I am now belatedly replying to – had a killer 24 months with no let up. I would love to do a gig in Melbourne and in fact was invited to appear at the Caravan Club where my pal Greg Macainsh has performed but I just couldn’t co-ordinate it. Fingers crossed I will be able to within 12 months Cheers Dave

  8. Dave,
    I guess you shut down your web site. Is there any way I can buy your Suburbs in the 70’s Double CD? By the way, the first time I saw you was out at the Parkaville Amphitheater…I believe that was your first gig as a band??? Saw a bunch more, Leederville hotel, the Vic to name a few. What happened to your Bass player Hayden…He is a Bunno Boy like me…But alas…I have let Bunbury behind and now live in Freo with my wife and daughter…Funny thing being married to a Freo Girl…you gotta sleep with one eye open…Roger

    • Hi Roger, Hayden is still playing around the traps a bit and spends a lot of time in Victoria with his folks. He and I are always wanting to get together and do a few gigs in Perth but it’s been hard the last couple of years. Those Freo girls are tricky – be very careful. No more Suburbs in the 70s available at present but the re-issued Mugs Game is very good value with a lot of extra tracks from those early 1976-77 times. The website is currently down but should be up and running again soon Cheers Dave

  9. Hey Dave,
    I didn’t get my autographed book and had problems at the time, so couldn’t be bothered chasing it up. I’ve bought all the books in the series (for my future grand-daughters) and hope to catch up with you sometime to get them all signed. You have my email details mate, they haven’t changed. I’m also keen to catch up with some of the Suburban Army. I’ve changed my name twice, so it’s hard for people to find me. Maybe you should go on Facebook, to at least allow some of us old fans to reminisce together. I’ve added Martin Cilia to my Facebook Friends, and also put some photos and stuff on today cos it’s close to the 5th anniverary of losing Leppo. I’m under my current name and I’m easy to find on FB.

  10. hows things dave me and a few mates were talking about the good old pub rock days and you and the band were fondly remembered as one of the greats the mugs game album came up and dicko wreckens he cant seem to track one down i managed to find a rerelease double cd through anthum and paypal whats the go with the us$ im from dongara wa can i pay for it through an ozzie outlet mate

    • Hey Terry, how’s all that Dongara gas money feeding into the system – a midi must be about $8 there by now! Website is down at the moment for a while but the costs are still the same so that the cds are cheaper now in US dollars than Aus dollars. However, you can always do a postal form and a cheque or money order to buy them that way with Aus dollars. Hope you and your mates are feasting on crays and enjoying some rock and roll

  11. Dave,
    Great to hear you’re back on air! Apart from the fact that it’s within staggering distance , the Caravan Club is a seriously good venue. Hope to see you there soon!

  12. Hi Dave,
    To go from being a “boy from the ‘burbs” to having a presence on the “interwebbythingy” is quite a leap. Bet you never imagined anything like that back in 78-79.
    Simon, Kevin and Rosco are asking you for appearances in Melbourne and Perth so I will stick my bit in and ask for an appearance in Lil’ Ole Bundaberg.
    We had the Phil Manning and Matt Taylor Band playing to a packed house at the Moncrieff Theatre here last year and some years before that two pub concerts with Joe Cammeleri and the Black Sorrows.
    Recently we had two of the originals from Gangagang playing at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery for a breakfast show and that night at the Melbourne Hotel. The Rum Distillery is spending on promotions so that may be an avenue for getting you here. If there is any possibility I will be your most enthusiastic promoter.

    In the meantime I will get back to listening to “Mug’s Game” for the 102nd time this weekend. Ciao.

    • I would love to play in Queensland, only just did my first Sydney gig in 12 years but am aiming for more gigs in the second half of 2013 so by all means help me get to Bundy. Not sure if I would have many fans up that way but if it doesn;t cost me I would love to find out

  13. Dave
    Need a definitive answer from the source to solve an argument. Not a particularly important argument perhaps, but I still claim to have seen the Suburbs’ first ever Melbourne gig. 1978 Lunchtime at RMIT’s Storey Hall. The ignorant locals pelted the band with paper planes but I sat slackjawed, amazed I was seeing a band sing about things I not only understood, but had lived. (Grew up in Glen Waverley).

    • I wish i could give you a definitive reply but my memory isn’t so good. I actually think the first gig was at the Tiger Lounge but regardless I thank you for your interest and hope you make it to the next gig we do in melbourne which I am hopeful will be later this year

  14. Dave,
    Absolutely brilliant show tonight at the Oakleigh Bowling Club. Please don’t leave it too long for your return visit!

    • Simon, thank you for that compliment and my apologies to take so long to get back to you – i thought nobody was following my blog. The guys at Carnival of Suburbia have invited me back this year and I would love to do it with the full band this time however I am also co-writing the mini-series on INXS and i think it might be too tight for time this year, However I am keen to play Melbourne again and might manage it in winter please keep a lookout and bring a few friends!

  15. Hello Dave,
    Have you ever heard of,
    Xlibris Publishing,
    Suite 1A Level 2,
    802 Pacific Highway,

    Any feed back would be great,

  16. Hi Dave
    Looking forward to an appearance in Melbourne this Winter. Unfortunately missed the gig at the Caravan club but rest assured i will be there next time in Melb.

    Cheers Kev

  17. Dave thanks very much for the awesome gig at the Caravan Club last Saturday night. It was great to see you live again after so many years. The boys had a great night and thanks for taking the time for a few photos after the gig.Great venue and the band sounded fantastic. Hoping you can make it back next year. Looking forward to it already. Good luck with your projects. Cheers Kev

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