While I continue to write new music I am aware that most of those fans I do still have, really want to hear `the old stuff’. Hey, I’m no different, we always like to delve back into the familiar and bathe in the wave of fond memories that we associate with songs we love. Still, I hear songs in my head of all different varieties and I work on them and create new songs. Many of these you may never hear because the process of actually recording the songs is an intenstive process that requires more time and money than can ever be recaptured by the 1/100th of a cent we artists get for a stream. It also requires the help and goodwill of friends who brings their expertise to bear and I particularly thank Tony Cooper on this one.

I first heard What Love Really Is' in my head about 4-5 years ago when I was on my usual walk by the ocean. The verse came first, then the chorus which I heard as something Brian Wilson circa 1971 might have come up with. The middle was the last to hit me but I really like the change there.

Around this time I had a bunch of new ‘coastal’ songs rearing up at me. Combined with two much older songs in the same vein I was inspired to do a ‘coastal’ album. Well, COVID hasn’t helped progress that and frankly I guess who really cares beside me? Still, I like writing songs and always hope they may touch somebody out there.

So I’m releasing ‘What Love Really Is’ this Friday and hopefully will get the album done. Maybe people who have been through a breakup will find that this song resonates with them. I guess it’s all about the cliche – moving on.

photo Bleddyn Butcher Fremantle 1976

Maybe if we’d met  this  year Love would still be here

Instead of such sorrow  there’d be tomorrow

Maybe if we’d met this week Life would still be sweet

Instead of us scheming we would be dreaming

But when too much water’s flowed under the bridge

It won’t leave you high just dry

When every day your nerves are on edge

It’s time to say goodbye.

Maybe what Love really is is not some potent fizz

But accidental timing a trick of the lighting

And regrettably for us we’ve done Too much since we begun

For our couplets to be … matching


Babe I wish it wasn’t so

But one of us just has to go

When every day is more heartbreak

It’s a mistake … to stay

Perhaps one day we’ll meet again

And time will be our friend

And we will be asking, why we did this parting

 But the odds are that when all these

Tears are dry we won’t be here

We’ll find another, more love discover 

When too much water’s flowed under the bridge

It won’t leave you high just dry

When every day your nerves are on edge it’s time to say, it’s time to say … goodbye.

You can download via ITunes or Bandcamp and stream on Spotify etc.

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