Where is WHEN?

Having been “out of the game” of recording albums for a long time it’s amazing the kind of things that you don’t take into account.  For example, while I made sure I had enough dollars in the bank to record WHEN – albeit with Martin Cilia doing a massive production job for love, and the same with the musicians who played on it – and while I even managed to enlist the Suburban Army to pre-buy various packages thereby giving me the funds to do micro budget film clips for Facebook and Snapchat and to employ a wonderful and energetic publicist (Sue McCaullay), I didn’t allow for the next step … distribution.  Stupidly I had assumed that if a major label didn’t do the album with me (they didn’t) then at least I could sell from my website, via i-tunes and do a distribution deal with an independent.  It turns out however that these days distributors want the digital distribution as well. I’d already arranged digital distribution through CD Baby, who in turn distribute physical product in the U.S.  But of course for a man who sings Convict Streak, Suburban Boy and Mugs Game, it is the Australian market where I am currently known, despised and sometimes revered.   So here I am with this amazing album that is, I think it is fair to say, blowing everybody away. I understand that a 60 year old putting out an album is about as interesting to most of us as a 60 year old putting out the garbage and hey, I’m guilty of the same pre-conceptions but people who are hearing the songs live and the album, and catching the film clip and reading the Australian review, are realising that Warner is far from a spent force, that the best of my songs are not all behind me, and that WHEN is a genuinely interesting and musically super album full of outstanding musicians.    The problem now becomes – How to get it into people’s hands. Of course they can download it easily enough from I-tunes, and order a physical copy from CD Baby. Most will access the physical album by ordering off my website and I’m delighted to sign and send out. All the same, for those who want the physical product close at hand, for those who buy on impulse after hearing a snippet on a TV show like Daily Edition, it’s not easy to find a copy.

Fortunately I have a handful of fabulous retailers across Australia who stock all my CD products and it is likely one is not too far from you. Mind you, I still need a retailer in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Hobart and Launceston who will stock me – so put the word around to your favourite retailer.  I’d also like another one or two in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, the ‘Gong and Canberra.

Meanwhile, please support the retailers who stock me – even if by getting some other artist’s CDs. These people know their stuff. Record shop day is Sat April 22 the day we do Caravan Club in Melbourne. Support these Warner-friendly retailers


DADA RECORDS   36 Pier St, Perth https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dada-Records/162940593716370
ZENITH MUSIC      309 Stirling Highway Claremont.  http://zenithmusic.com.au/
REDEYE RECORDS  143 York St, Sydney  https://www.redeye.com.au/iAsk.asp?reion=USA
ESSENDON CD RECORDS and TAPES shop 2  / 134 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds  http://essendoncdlpbook.com.au/
115 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore  https://www.facebook.com/Mr-V-Music-149165308431285/


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