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  1. My favorite Warner book, from start to finish just a WoW of a story, *verb tenses & grammatical bad habits be damned (pish!)- kudos to the ‘biker’ gang name-“cloven hoof” ha ha ha- who would have thought it? -Kindle & i books readers, reading this (*see what i did there) will have heaps of LOL moments.
    As always Dave a great read with a plot you snatched from the ether- masterful.

      • Thanks Dave appreciated; i have moved on from being a
        ‘man of no significance’
        where I walk I leave no foot prints- what I’ve done requires on measurement. I’m a symbol in the wrong equation ….
        when your a man of no significance every word that you speak is tiring. You make your bed with sweet indifference- she leaves you childless & crying. – Another of your unrecorded gems

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