And so it begins ...

And so it begins ...

In 2020 just as we were about to embark on a national tour, Covid hit. The Suburbs reunion tour - where the original recording band were about to play all Mugs Game tracks, was shelved. But now we are finally ready to go: Howie, Paul, John, Tony and I are immensely looking forward to catching up with Suburbs fans - hopefully some young uns. All tracks from Mugs Game plus other favourites. We hope to play Melbourne, Queensland and Northern NSW later in the year - and Adelaide if we can play a great venue where we can draw a decent crowd.

As it happens, I've just released a new CD single with Martin Cilia `Hennessy Road/Ode To Ochs.' The physical CD is now out with both tracks available. Cost $7 plus post. `Ode To Ochs' can be streamed or downloaded, `Hennessy Road' comes on line July 21. Fabulous musicians on the tracks: Lloyd Gyi, Nicole Warner, Bill Beare, Clare O'Meara  an of course Martin. 

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It’s Friday 14th of July and I can’t believe I missed these Perth dates by a week. I also missed a book reading at Whitfords a couple of years ago by a month. Can I be on a mailing list if you have one please? I hail back from the Osborne Park and Herdsman era and would love to see the band or a book reading. Many thanks.


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