Baby Who Needs Malibu

Baby Who Needs Malibu

So now I’ve hit the ‘Bs’ in the song list we come to a more recent song I penned as part of my long cherished desire to do a Brian Wilson-inspired ‘coastal’ album. I usually thrive on trying to be innovative in my songwriting but there is nothing musically innovative about ‘Baby Who Needs Malibu‘. I just set out to write a really fun coastal song singing the praises of Sydney. You need to imagine this with loads of harmonies of course. This is just at the demo stage with Martin Cilia doing a quick program to align the bones. Of course, I would love to record the proposed album. I have about ten songs ready to go.


G     (fbd)     Ehalf-dim

I un – der stand

G                      c           Cmaj7

You wanted Disney Land

  g               E1/2

But all I can

G          7   

Offer you


For now


Is this

Drinking beers at Mona Vale

Manly, Palm Beach watching whales

Twilight at Taronga Zoo

Baby who needs Malibu

The Opera House a sweet icecream

Tell me that ain’t someone’s dream

Bondi Beach and white hot sand

Out to Newtown catch a band

Wake up to your eyes so blue

Baby who needs Malibu?

Break break

C                             G            C                      G    C                 G    AM

And then you know – what moves you so – it’s not the lat-itude

An old milk-crate is just as great as the          Emp          ire State –


when I’m with you

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