There's a lot happening bookwise and in music in the early part of 2024.

In BOOKS, I've now managed to get 'Big Bad Blood' back in print where it always should have been. This is a huge book and the forerunner to last years `Summer of Blood'. It took 25 years but I finally came up with a story worthy of Ray Shearer and John Gordon. Order your signed copy.

On the subject of books, please vote for any of my books in the Better Reading top 100 books event. 7 lucky winners will get 100 books each.


Plenty going on. Friday March 15 Tony Durant and I are special guests at the Footy Almanac Lunch in Melbourne where we will be playing and doing bookstuff with an emphasis on fun and footy. Please join us for what is always a top event.

Next day, at  3pm Sat Mar 16 we will be doing a books and music event at Shepparton Library, still fun and footy but readings too.

AND THEN THERE'S ANZAC EVE IN PERTH where the original Suburbs will present an entire night of suburban Australian rock. And the best thing is, not only will you get all the Suburbs classics but we've assembled an amazing one-off support band LIZARDS OF OZ playing classic Australian and NZ songs with guest vocalists led by DICK HAYNES our great mate from Loaded Dice. Get your ticket and don't be late or you will miss a great band.

I really hope to see you at one of these shows carrying the 100 books you won!

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Dave, I’ve been a fan since around 1981, I live in Queensland.
Question is are you performing in Perth anywhere around 3rd of August?
We’re travelling to the Dolphins game on the 2nd.
Thanks for your time and your music!

Darrell Rogers

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