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Dave Warner From The Suburbs

Briefly (13 Short Stories)

Briefly (13 Short Stories)

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A volume comprised of thirteen of my short stories. Many but not all are in the crime genre, however, every story has some kind of twist and explores our human foibles. There are Whodunnits, a heist where the theives have to replace something rather than steal it, an action thriller, a courtroom drama, a prison tale, deeply dark crime and feather-light indiscretions with dashes of humour, and even a spiritual tale of man/womankind's goodness to fellow women/men. Usually my stories have their genesis in an idea that appeals to me, rather than me trying to create a vehicle that fits into an existing series. Having said that however, in Briefly two stories reprise characters from a couple of my novels. Atrspresso brings back Rick and Goose from my 2000 novel Exxxpresso, while Goulash sees a return of my Holmes and Watson from 2020's Over My Dead Body.

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