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Dave Warner From The Suburbs

Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Live at the Civic 2004 (DVD)

Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs Live at the Civic 2004 (DVD)

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Boxing Day 2004 will be remembered throughout history as the day of the Tsunami disaster. In Perth, however, in 41 degree heat another significant and historic event took place. DAVE WARNER’S FROM THE SUBURBS performed at the Civic Hotel and the event was captured on DVD by Insight Films’ Gavan O’Sullivan and his camera crew. It was by no means my best performance as I had been skittled by a four-wheel drive in Manly just a fortnight earlier and could barely move my right leg. Fortunately Johnny Leopard and the other guys powered on and we actually played a pretty tight set.

You can now see this set in all its glory plus intercuts of historic footage from the WARNER IN THE WILD film (1981) and 1986 and 1989 gigs at The Raffles Hotel. You will also be able to get my commentary on the origins of many of the songs that have become my trademark as I visit the “scenes” of inspiration: the suburb of Bicton and prattle on about how and why suburban rock was created. And that’s not all, you will also find the original film clips of Suburban Boy, Free Kicks, Kookaburra Girl and Meanwhile In The Suburbs. The price is $40 and if you can’t fly to Perth for the next gig on Anzac Eve at the Leopold Hotel, it is probably the next best thing.

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