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Dave Warner From The Suburbs

Footy's Hall Of Shame (Out Of Print)

Footy's Hall Of Shame (Out Of Print)

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Footy’s Hall of Shame is the ultimate compendium of the greatest bungles in the history of Australian Rules Football – from the biggest thugs to the most inept teams, from the worst grounds to the funniest footy cards.

“This is a sprinkle that celebrates those who just turned up and played. It goes out of its way to champion those no one has bothered to remember. It revels in those who played 73 matches up front and only bothered the scorer once, when a lucky point was snared as the ball rolled the wrong way. Footy’s Hall of Shame pours a very large drink for the cod ordinary.”

– From the Foreword by H. G. NELSON

First published in 1996 by Fremantle Arts Centre Press, WA

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