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Dave Warner From The Suburbs

Mugs Game: A Suburban Odyssey

Mugs Game: A Suburban Odyssey

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My four and a half hour audio book MUGS GAME: A SUBURBAN ODYSSEY is now released. It’s a story narrated by me of my musical journey growing up in Perth in the early 1960s through to recording the classic Mugs Game album of 1978.  There are 57 songs or poems included as part of the story-telling, including every song from the Mugs Game album. It tells the story of what happened in my life, the events and people that lead to writing those songs, playing them and ultimately recording them.

Original Suburbs John Dennison and Tony Durant add their memories and there is a long radio interview from 1978 as an additional flourish. Beautifully produced by Tony Cooper, I think you will enjoy it.

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